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Artist pictured with three mixed media original works

Cheyenne Earp

Hailing from the deserts of Arizona Cheyenne embarks on a creative journey that captures the very essence of the beauty and sadness of everyday life. Feeling more like an observer than an active participant in existence Cheyenne discovers inspiration amidst the chaos of change. The outcome? A melancholic longing engraved within ones soul now reflected through every brushstroke and choice of colors.


Cheyenne pays homage to life’s actions and experiences—the overlooked rituals that shape our very existence.

Brushing our teeth, trimming our bangs, and slipping on a pair of shoes – these simple actions keep us rooted in the here and now connecting us to our essence. The mingling of everyday routine dances together prompting us to ponder the expectations society places upon us with a sense of seriousness. 


Cheyenne’s work serves as a memoir—a tribute, to those who walked alongside during times of peace and of turmoil. Their portrayal is raw and organic capturing both chosen and found connections that transcend time and strike chords within viewers own lives.

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